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Yankauer Suction Set

Yankauer Suction Set



Product Code: CH0002

Features List

High-Quality Construction: CRYSTO-CARE Brand Yankauer Suction Sets are expertly crafted using durable and medical-grade materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Sterile and Single-Use: These sets come in sterile packaging, making them ready for immediate use in clinical settings. They are designed for single-patient use to maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Yankauer Handle: The Yankauer handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and precise control during suctioning procedures. It typically features a thumb port for easy suction control.

Smooth Suction Tip: The tip of the Yankauer suction instrument is smooth and rounded to prevent trauma to delicate tissues while effectively removing fluids and debris.

Vent Control: Some Yankauer handles come with a vent control mechanism that allows the healthcare provider to control the amount of suction applied during the procedure.

Variety of Tip Options: CRYSTO-CARE Brand Yankauer Suction Sets may offer a variety of tip options, including standard tips and tonsil tips, to suit different clinical needs.

Transparent Tubing: The tubing that connects the Yankauer handle to the suction source is transparent, allowing healthcare providers to monitor fluid flow during the procedure.

Latex-Free: These sets are typically latex-free to minimize the risk of latex allergies or sensitivities in patients.


Surgical Procedures: Yankauer suction sets are commonly used in surgical settings to remove blood, fluids, and debris from the surgical field, providing a clear view for the surgeon.

General Suctioning: They are utilized for general suctioning purposes in hospitals and clinics, such as removing excess saliva, mucus, or fluids from the oral cavity during or after procedures.

Postoperative Care: After surgical procedures, Yankauer suction sets assist in maintaining a clear airway and reducing the risk of postoperative complications by removing secretions and fluids.

Oral and Dental Care: Dentists and oral surgeons use Yankauer suction sets to remove fluids and debris from the oral cavity during dental procedures.

Labor and Delivery: In maternity wards, these suction sets are used for neonatal and obstetric care to clear a newborn's airway and facilitate breathing.

Emergency Situations: Yankauer suction instruments are essential in emergency medical situations, such as clearing the airway of choking victims.

ICU and Critical Care: They play a crucial role in intensive care units (ICUs) for maintaining airway patency and assisting with respiratory care.

Homecare: In some cases, Yankauer suction sets are used in home healthcare settings for patients who require suctioning assistance.

CRYSTO-CARE Brand Yankauer Suction Sets are indispensable tools in healthcare facilities and emergency situations. Their high-quality construction, sterile packaging, and ergonomic design make them effective and safe for a wide range of medical and dental suctioning procedures, ensuring patient comfort and safety.

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