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X-Ray Detectable Abdominal Pad (Eto-Sterile)

X-Ray Detectable Abdominal Pad (Eto-Sterile)


Enhanced Patient Safety in Post-Surgical Care, Discover the key features and essential usage of CRYSTO-MOP Brand X-Ray Detectable Abdominal Pad, designed to provide enhanced safety and efficiency in post-surgical care, particularly in cases where X-ray detection is crucial.


Product Code: CH0005

Features List

Sterile Packaging: Each abdominal pad is individually sealed in a sterile package to ensure aseptic conditions and minimize the risk of infection when used in surgical or wound care settings.

Highly Absorbent: CRYSTO-MOP abdominal pads are crafted from highly absorbent materials, effectively managing post-operative wound exudate to maintain a clean and dry wound environment.

X-Ray Detectable: These pads are designed with an embedded X-ray-detectable strip or element, enabling easy identification and location of the pad during X-ray imaging procedures.

Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Sterilization: The pads undergo ETO sterilization, a recognized method for achieving and maintaining sterility in medical products.

Gentle and Non-Stick: The abdominal pad's non-stick surface is gentle on the skin, reducing the risk of tissue damage or discomfort during dressing changes.

Latex-Free: CRYSTO-MOP abdominal pads are typically latex-free, minimizing the risk of latex allergies or sensitivities in patients.

Multiple Sizes: Available in various sizes, accommodating different wound dimensions and post-surgical needs.


Post-Surgical Dressing: Healthcare professionals use these pads for dressing and managing abdominal wounds and incisions following surgical procedures.

X-Ray Identification: The X-ray detectable strip within the pad allows for easy identification and location of the pad during post-operative X-ray imaging, ensuring no foreign objects are inadvertently left inside the patient.

Wound Protection: Abdominal pads offer an additional layer of protection over surgical wounds, preventing contamination and providing cushioning against external pressure.

Absorbent Padding: They serve as highly absorbent padding, effectively managing wound exudate and promoting a clean and conducive environment for wound healing.

Abdominal Surgery: Commonly used in various abdominal surgeries, including cesarean sections (C-sections), appendectomies, and abdominal exploratory surgeries.

Trauma Care: Abdominal pads are employed in trauma care scenarios to manage wounds resulting from accidents or injuries.

Emergency Room (ER): Healthcare providers in emergency departments use these pads for initial wound care and stabilization of patients with abdominal injuries.

Postpartum Care: After childbirth, abdominal pads can be used to manage postpartum wound sites, providing comfort and protection.

Home Healthcare: Patients or caregivers may use these pads for wound care at home, following healthcare provider recommendations.

CRYSTO-MOP Brand X-Ray Detectable Abdominal Pads (ETO-Sterile) are invaluable in post-surgical care, ensuring both patient safety and efficient wound management. Their X-ray detectable feature plays a critical role in identifying any retained surgical items, enhancing overall surgical safety. Always follow healthcare provider instructions for proper wound care and dressing changes.


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