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Surgical Latex Gloves (Powder Free)

Surgical Latex Gloves (Powder Free)


Latex surgical gloves are essential personal protective equipment (PPE) used by healthcare professionals in surgical and medical procedures. They provide a barrier between the wearer and the patient, helping to prevent the transmission of infections and maintaining a sterile environment. There are two main types of latex surgical gloves: powdered and powder-free. Here are the features and usage of both types:


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Features List

Material: Powder-free latex surgical gloves are also made from natural rubber latex but do not have any powder coating on the interior.

Reduced Allergy Risk: Powder-free gloves are a suitable option for individuals who may have latex allergies or sensitivity, as the absence of powder reduces the risk of airborne latex particles.

Sterile: Like powdered gloves, powder-free latex surgical gloves are sterilized and individually packaged to maintain sterility.

Beaded Cuff: They often have a beaded cuff for a secure fit and to minimize the risk of contamination.


Surgical Procedures: Both powdered and powder-free latex surgical gloves are used in surgical procedures to provide a sterile barrier between the surgeon or healthcare professional and the patient. They help prevent contamination of the surgical field and reduce the risk of infection.

Medical Examinations: These gloves are also used for medical examinations, such as physical exams, gynecological exams, and minor medical procedures, where a sterile environment or barrier protection is required.

Patient Care: Latex surgical gloves are commonly used for various patient care tasks, including wound dressing changes, catheterization, and handling of bodily fluids.

Infection Control: They play a crucial role in infection control measures by reducing the risk of cross-contamination and protecting both healthcare providers and patients from exposure to pathogens.

Laboratory Work: In laboratory settings, latex surgical gloves are used when handling chemicals, biological samples, or other hazardous materials that require hand protection.

Dental Procedures: Dentists and dental hygienists often use latex surgical gloves during dental examinations and procedures to ensure infection control and patient safety.

It's important to note that while latex surgical gloves offer excellent tactile sensitivity and fit, some individuals may have latex allergies or sensitivities. In such cases, alternative glove materials, such as nitrile or vinyl, may be recommended. Healthcare professionals should follow proper glove donning and doffing procedures to minimize the risk of contamination and ensure patient and user safety.

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