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Surgical Blade

Surgical Blade


Precision and Safety in Surgical Procedures Discover the key features and practical usage of CRYSTO-CARE Brand Surgical Blades (Sterile), a critical surgical instrument designed to provide precision and safety during medical procedures.


Product Code: CH0016

Features List

Sterile Packaging: CRYSTO-CARE Surgical Blades are individually packaged in a sterile environment, ensuring aseptic conditions and minimizing the risk of surgical site infections.

High-Quality Materials: These surgical blades are crafted from high-quality stainless steel or other medical-grade materials, ensuring sharpness, durability, and resistance to corrosion.

Sharp Cutting Edge: The blades feature an exceptionally sharp cutting edge, allowing for precise and clean incisions, reducing tissue trauma, and promoting faster healing.

Variety of Blade Shapes and Sizes: CRYSTO-CARE offers a range of blade shapes and sizes to accommodate various surgical requirements and procedures, allowing surgeons to choose the most appropriate blade for the task.

Color-Coded Handles: Many CRYSTO-CARE surgical blades come with color-coded handles, making it easy for surgeons to identify and select the correct blade shape and size during procedures.

Scalpel Compatibility: These blades are designed for use with compatible scalpel handles, providing a secure and ergonomic grip for surgeons.

Safety Features: Some models of CRYSTO-CARE surgical blades come with safety features such as protective caps or retractable mechanisms to reduce the risk of accidental cuts and injuries.

Single-Use: Surgical blades are often intended for single-use to maintain sharpness and reduce the risk of contamination or infection.


Incisions: Surgeons use sterile surgical blades for making precise incisions during various surgical procedures, including surgeries, biopsies, and autopsies.

Tissue Dissection: These blades are essential for dissecting and separating tissues, ensuring minimal damage to surrounding structures and facilitating surgical access.

Suturing: Surgical blades are used to prepare tissue edges for suturing, ensuring clean and well-aligned wound closure.

Biopsy Procedures: Surgeons use these blades to collect tissue samples for biopsy, diagnostic, and research purposes.

Autopsies: In forensic medicine and pathology, sterile surgical blades are used during autopsies to examine organs and tissues for medical and legal investigations.

Microsurgery: In delicate microsurgical procedures, such as ophthalmic surgery, these blades enable precise and intricate maneuvers.

Dermatological Procedures: Dermatologists use surgical blades for skin-related procedures like excisions, mole removal, and cosmetic surgeries.

CRYSTO-CARE Brand Surgical Blades (Sterile) are crucial instruments in surgical and medical settings, enabling precision and safety in various procedures. The sterile packaging and sharp cutting edges ensure optimal performance and reduce the risk of postoperative complications. Always follow healthcare provider recommendations and adhere to surgical protocols for the safe and effective use of surgical blades.


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