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Gauze Ribbon

Gauze Ribbon

Product Description No. of Swab Pack Per inner
2.5 Cm X 2 Mtr X 2 Nos. ( 4 Folded ) 2
5 Cm X 2 Mtr X 2 Nos. ( 4 Folded ) 2

Versatile and Essential Wound Care Discover the key features and practical usage of CRYSTO-RIBB Brand Gauze Ribbon, a versatile product designed to provide effective wound care and support various medical applications.


Product Code: CH008

Features List

High-Quality Gauze Material: CRYSTO-RIBB gauze ribbon is crafted from premium-quality, lint-free, and highly absorbent cotton gauze, ensuring optimal wound care.

Flexible and Conforming: The gauze ribbon is designed to be flexible and easily conform to the contours of the wound site, providing a snug and secure fit.

Sterile Packaging: Each roll of gauze ribbon is individually sealed in a sterile package, ensuring aseptic conditions and minimizing the risk of infection when used for wound care.

Highly Absorbent: CRYSTO-RIBB gauze ribbon is highly absorbent, effectively managing wound exudate and providing a clean and conducive environment for healing.

Latex-Free: These gauze ribbons are typically latex-free, reducing the risk of latex allergies or sensitivities in patients.

Available in Various Sizes: CRYSTO-RIBB gauze ribbon is available in different widths and lengths, catering to various wound sizes and types.


Wound Packing: Healthcare professionals use gauze ribbon to pack deep wounds or cavities, providing a supportive foundation for wound healing and preventing the formation of dead spaces.

Securing Dressings: Gauze ribbon is used to secure wound dressings, particularly in areas where a conforming and secure fit is required, such as joints or irregular wound sites.

Wound Compression: It can be applied to provide gentle compression to wounds, helping to control bleeding and promote hemostasis.

Absorbent Padding: Gauze ribbon is used as an absorbent padding in combination with other wound care products, such as wound dressings and adhesive tapes, to manage exudate and protect the wound.

Orthopedic Applications: In orthopedic procedures, gauze ribbon is often used to provide support and padding around joints, particularly after surgeries or injuries.

Surgical Procedures: Surgeons and operating room personnel use gauze ribbon for tasks like blotting and maintaining a sterile field during surgeries.

First Aid: Gauze ribbon is an essential component of first aid kits, providing the necessary supplies for immediate wound care in emergency situations.

Veterinary Medicine: Veterinarians and animal care professionals use gauze ribbon for wound care and surgical procedures in animals.

CRYSTO-RIBB Brand Gauze Ribbon is a versatile and indispensable product in wound care and various medical applications. Its flexibility, absorbency, and conforming nature make it an essential tool for healthcare professionals and caregivers alike. Always follow proper wound care protocols and consult with healthcare providers for specific wound treatment guidance.

Packaging Details

Good Sterile pack, there indicates the conform Sterility.

2’s 4 Fould Gauze Ribbon packed in Box.

Size Availability

2.5 Cm X 2 Mtr X 2 Nos. ( 4 Folded )

5 Cm X 2 Mtr X 2 Nos. ( 4 Folded )

Also available in special required size.


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