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Ortho Roll Cast Padding

Ortho Roll Cast Padding

Product Description No. of Swab Pack Per inner Quantity Per Shipper
10 Cm X 3Mtr. 10 230
15 Cm X 3Mtr. 10 150

Enhanced Comfort and Support for Casted Limbs Discover the key features and practical usage of CRYSTO-SOFT Brand Orthopedic Cast Padding, a specialized product designed to provide optimal comfort and support for individuals with casts.


Product Code: CH0012

Features List

Soft and Cushioning: CRYSTO-SOFT orthopedic cast padding is made from a soft, cushioning material that provides comfort for the patient while protecting the skin from friction and pressure points.

Breathable Material: The padding is designed to be breathable, allowing air circulation around the casted limb to reduce the risk of skin irritation, moisture buildup, and discomfort.

Absorbent: The padding material is absorbent, helping to wick away moisture and perspiration from the skin, maintaining a dry and comfortable environment.

Non-Allergenic: CRYSTO-SOFT cast padding is typically non-allergenic, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions or skin sensitivities in patients.

Latex-Free: These cast padding materials are typically latex-free, reducing the risk of latex allergies or sensitivities in patients.

Conformable: The padding is designed to easily conform to the shape of the limb, ensuring an even distribution of pressure and a comfortable fit.

Durable Construction: CRYSTO-SOFT cast padding is constructed to be durable, providing long-lasting support and protection throughout the duration of the cast.

Available in Various Widths and Lengths: The padding is available in a range of widths and lengths, allowing for customization to fit different limb sizes and cast types.


Underneath Casting Materials: Healthcare professionals use orthopedic cast padding as the first layer when applying casts. It provides a cushioning layer between the skin and the hard cast material, enhancing patient comfort.

Pressure Distribution: The padding helps distribute pressure evenly over the surface of the limb, reducing the risk of pressure sores and discomfort.

Friction Prevention: CRYSTO-SOFT cast padding minimizes friction between the cast and the skin, preventing abrasions and irritation.

Moisture Management: The absorbent nature of the padding helps wick away moisture from the skin, maintaining a dry environment and reducing the risk of skin complications.

Comfort Enhancement: For individuals with casts, the soft and cushioning nature of the padding adds an extra layer of comfort during the healing process.

Postoperative Support: Postoperative Support:

Trauma Care: In emergency and trauma situations, orthopedic cast padding is used to provide immediate support and comfort for fractures and injuries that require casting.

CRYSTO-SOFT Brand Orthopedic Cast Padding is an essential component in the casting process, offering crucial comfort and support for individuals with casts. Its soft and cushioning properties, along with its breathability, make it a valuable asset in orthopedic care. Always follow healthcare provider recommendations and instructions for proper cast application and usage.

Packaging Details

Packed in Polythene pouch.

Air Seal packing that prevent the moisture absorption.

Size Availability

10 Cm X 3Mtr.

15 Cm X 3Mtr

Also available in any required size.


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