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Iv Cannula

Iv Cannula


Precise and Safe Medication Delivery Explore the key features and practical usage of the CrystoCare Brand Intravenous Cannula, a vital medical device designed for precise and safe intravenous (IV) medication and fluid delivery.


Product Code: FMS0042

Features List

High-Quality Materials: These cannulas are crafted from medical-grade materials, ensuring safety and biocompatibility during IV therapy.

Sharp, Beveled Needle: The cannula is equipped with a sharp, beveled needle for smooth and controlled insertion into the patient's vein.

Butterfly Winged Design: Many models feature a butterfly winged design with flexible, soft wings that allow for easy and secure attachment to the patient's skin.

Color-Coded: They are often color-coded for easy identification of different sizes and gauges, aiding healthcare professionals in selecting the appropriate cannula for specific patients and procedures.

Transparent Hub: The hub of the cannula is typically transparent, enabling clear visualization of blood flashback during vein entry, confirming successful cannulation.

Multiple Gauges and Sizes: CrystoCare offers a range of cannula sizes and gauges to accommodate various patient needs, including pediatric and adult patients.

Latex-Free: These cannulas are latex-free, reducing the risk of allergic reactions in patients with latex sensitivities.

Luer Lock Connection: Many models have a Luer lock connector for secure attachment to IV tubing or syringes, preventing accidental disconnection during therapy.

Smooth Catheter Surface: The catheter surface is smooth and designed to minimize friction during insertion, reducing patient discomfort.

DEHP-Free: They are often DEHP (di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate)-free, ensuring the absence of this potentially harmful plasticizer.


Intravenous Medication Administration: The primary purpose of these cannulas is to facilitate the administration of medications and fluids directly into the patient's bloodstream.

Fluid Replacement: They are used to replace lost fluids and electrolytes in patients who are dehydrated, ensuring proper hydration.

Nutrient Delivery: Intravenous cannulas are employed to deliver essential nutrients, such as glucose or parenteral nutrition, to patients who cannot take oral nutrition.

Blood Transfusions: Healthcare professionals use cannulas for administering blood and blood products to patients requiring transfusions.

Chemotherapy: Intravenous cannulas are utilized in chemotherapy to deliver anticancer medications directly into the patient's bloodstream.

Emergency and Critical Care: Emergency and Critical Care:

Pediatric Care: Cannulas are available in sizes suitable for pediatric patients, ensuring safe and accurate medication delivery for children.

Long-Term Therapies: Some patients require long-term intravenous therapies, such as antibiotic courses or pain management, which are facilitated by these cannulas.

Diagnostic Procedures: They may be used during certain diagnostic procedures, such as contrast-enhanced imaging studies or cardiac catheterization.

Hospice and Palliative Care: Intravenous cannulas are also used in hospice and palliative care settings to ensure patient comfort and symptom management.

CrystoCare's Intravenous Cannula for Infusion is a critical medical device that healthcare professionals rely on daily to provide essential medications and fluids to patients. Their design and materials prioritize patient comfort and safety during IV therapy, making them an indispensable tool in various healthcare settings.

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