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Gauze Swab Type 13 & 17

Gauze Swab Type 13 & 17


Versatile and Essential in Medical Care Explore the key features and practical usage of CRYSTO-SWAB Brand Gauze Swabs (Non-Sterile), a versatile medical product designed for a wide range of applications in wound care, medical procedures, and general healthcare.


Product Code: CH0015

Features List

High-Quality Material: CRYSTO-SWAB gauze swabs are crafted from high-quality, absorbent cotton or cotton-blend materials, ensuring their effectiveness in managing wound exudate and other applications.

Non-Sterile: These gauze swabs are non-sterile, making them suitable for various non-invasive medical tasks and general healthcare applications.

High Absorbency: The gauze swabs are highly absorbent, efficiently wicking away moisture and fluids from wounds or surfaces, promoting a clean and dry environment.

Lint-Free: CRYSTO-SWAB gauze swabs are designed to be lint-free, reducing the risk of loose fibers contaminating wounds or surfaces.

Soft and Non-Adherent: The gauze swabs are soft and non-adherent, minimizing trauma during application and removal, particularly when used on sensitive or fragile skin.

Convenient Packaging: They are typically available in various packaging options, such as sterile pouches or bulk packaging, providing flexibility for different healthcare settings.

Various Sizes: CRYSTO-SWAB gauze swabs come in a range of sizes to accommodate different wound dimensions, making them suitable for a variety of medical applications.


Wound Dressing: Healthcare professionals commonly use non-sterile gauze swabs for wound dressing in cases where sterility is not a primary concern. They are applied to clean, cover, and protect wounds, promoting the healing process.

Wound Cleansing: Gauze swabs are used to gently clean wounds by applying antiseptic solutions or saline to remove debris and maintain wound hygiene.

Minor Procedures: During minor medical procedures or in outpatient settings, non-sterile gauze swabs are utilized for tasks like specimen collection, cleaning, and applying topical medications.

First Aid: Gauze swabs are a fundamental component of first aid kits and are essential for cleaning and dressing minor injuries, cuts, and abrasions.

General Healthcare: They are used in various non-invasive healthcare tasks, such as applying or removing ointments and creams, as well as for general cleaning and hygiene purposes.

Veterinary Medicine: Veterinarians and animal care professionals use non-sterile gauze swabs for wound management and medical procedures in animals.

CRYSTO-SWAB Brand Gauze Swabs (Non-Sterile) are versatile and indispensable tools in wound care, medical procedures, and general healthcare. While they are not sterile, their high absorbency, softness, and non-adherent properties make them valuable assets in a wide range of healthcare settings. Always follow healthcare provider recommendations and instructions for proper gauze swab usage.


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