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Folding Walker

Folding Walker


Mobility Support and Convenience Explore the key features and practical usage of the FAMCARE Brand Folding Walker, a versatile mobility aid designed to provide support and stability for individuals with limited mobility.


Product Code: FMS0040

Features List

Sturdy Construction: The folding walker is typically constructed from durable materials, ensuring stability and long-lasting use.

Height Adjustable: Many models offer adjustable height settings to accommodate individuals of different heights, allowing for a customized fit.

Folding Mechanism: The walker is designed to fold easily for compact storage and transportation, making it convenient for travel and storage.

Push-Button Release: Some models feature a push-button release mechanism that simplifies folding and unfolding, enhancing user convenience.

Non-Slip Rubber Tips: The walker is equipped with non-slip rubber tips on its legs, providing excellent traction and stability on various surfaces.

Comfortable Handgrips: It features ergonomically designed handgrips that provide comfort and reduce hand strain during use.

Wide Frame: The walker's wide frame design offers additional stability and support, especially for users with balance issues.

Two-Button Release: Some models include a two-button release mechanism that ensures the walker remains securely in place when unfolded.

Lightweight Design: Many FAMCARE walkers are lightweight, making them easier to maneuver and transport.

Fold-Flat Design: Some models can be folded completely flat, allowing for convenient storage in small spaces or during travel.

Push-to-Walk or Glide: Depending on the model, users can either push the walker forward or glide it, depending on their preferences and mobility needs.

Weight Capacity: FAMCARE walkers are often designed to support a specific weight capacity, ensuring they can safely accommodate a range of users.


Mobility Assistance: The primary purpose of the folding walker is to provide individuals with limited mobility due to age, injury, or disability with support and stability when walking.

Rehabilitation: It is frequently used as part of a rehabilitation program for individuals recovering from surgery, injury, or illness to regain strength and mobility.

Balance Improvement: The walker assists users in maintaining balance and preventing falls, making it an invaluable tool for fall prevention.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: FAMCARE's Folding Walker can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing users to move freely in various environments.

Post-Surgery Support: Individuals who have undergone lower limb surgeries, such as knee or hip replacements, can use the walker during the postoperative recovery period.

Elderly Care: It offers essential support for elderly individuals who may experience balance issues or require assistance when walking.

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living: The walker assists with daily activities such as getting out of bed, moving around the house, and going to the bathroom.

Travel and Transportation: Due to its folding design, the walker is suitable for travel, ensuring users have mobility support wherever they go.

Hospital and Care Facilities: Healthcare facilities use folding walkers to assist patients with mobility during hospital stays and rehabilitation programs.

Fall Prevention: For individuals at risk of falls, the walker provides a stable walking aid, reducing the chances of accidents.

FAMCARE's Folding Walker offers valuable support and assistance to individuals with limited mobility, enabling them to maintain their independence and move safely both indoors and outdoors. Its foldable design, sturdy construction, and user-friendly features make it a practical choice for individuals of various ages and mobility levels.

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