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Fogger Machine

Fogger Machine


Versatile Disinfection and Pest Control Explore the key features and practical usage of the FAMCARE Brand Fogger Machine, a versatile and powerful tool designed for various applications, including disinfection, pest control, and more.


Product Code: FMS0039

Features List

High-Performance Fogging: The Fogger Machine is capable of generating a fine mist or fog of disinfectant or other solutions, allowing for even and thorough coverage of surfaces.

Adjustable Particle Size: Many models offer adjustable settings to control the particle size of the fog, making it suitable for different applications and environments.

Large Tank Capacity: These machines often come with sizable solution tanks, reducing the need for frequent refills during extended use.

Efficient Coverage: Fogging technology ensures that the disinfectant or solution reaches areas that are difficult to access using traditional cleaning methods.

Easy to Operate: FAMCARE's Fogger Machines are designed to be user-friendly, with straightforward controls and operation.

Portable Design: Some models feature a compact and portable design with wheels and handles, making them easy to move and transport.

Battery or Corded Options: Depending on the model, you may find corded or battery-powered options, providing flexibility for different environments.

Wide Application Range: These machines can be used for various purposes, including disinfecting homes, offices, hospitals, public spaces, and controlling pests in agricultural settings.

Compatibility with Various Solutions: They are compatible with a range of solutions, including disinfectants, pesticides, insecticides, deodorizers, and more.

Safety Features: Some models include safety features like automatic shut-off mechanisms and pressure release valves.

Durable Construction: Built with durability in mind, FAMCARE's Fogger Machines are designed to withstand frequent use.

Timer Function: Certain models may offer timer settings for programmed fogging sessions, allowing for hands-free operation.


Disinfection: The primary purpose of these machines is to disinfect and sanitize various spaces, including homes, offices, hospitals, schools, public transportation, and more. They are particularly valuable for combating the spread of infectious diseases.

Pest Control: In agricultural and pest control settings, Fogger Machines are used to apply pesticides and insecticides to control and eliminate pests such as mosquitoes, flies, and agricultural insects.

Deodorization: They can be used to disperse deodorizers and odor-neutralizing solutions in spaces where unpleasant odors are a concern, such as in restrooms, garbage areas, and industrial sites.

Mold and Mildew Control: Fogging machines are effective for applying mold and mildew control solutions in damp or humid environments, helping to prevent their growth.

Indoor Air Quality Improvement: In industrial settings, they can be used to improve indoor air quality by dispersing air purification solutions or removing airborne contaminants.

Emergency Response: Fogger machines are sometimes used by emergency response teams for rapid disinfection of areas affected by natural disasters or disease outbreaks.

Agricultural Applications: In agriculture, they are employed for crop protection and the efficient distribution of pesticides and fungicides in large fields.

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities: Healthcare facilities use fogging machines for thorough disinfection of patient rooms, operating theaters, waiting areas, and other critical spaces.

Public Transport: Public transportation agencies use fogging machines to disinfect buses, trains, subways, and other vehicles to protect passengers and staff.

Commercial and Industrial Facilities: Manufacturing plants, warehouses, and commercial buildings utilize these machines to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards.

FAMCARE's Fogger Machines offer a versatile and efficient solution for a range of applications, from disinfection and pest control to deodorization and mold prevention. Their ease of use and effectiveness make them indispensable tools in maintaining cleanliness and safety in various environments.

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