We have manufactured most commonly used product, the orthopedic Crepe Bandage, is manufactured to meet the Pharmacopoeia Standards and are used for overcoming sprains. These have woven edges, highly elastic as well as controlled, uniform as well as smooth pressure based. They will allow normal breathing of the skin and do not hamper joint for muscular flexibility.



Product Features List :

Superior elasticity maintains uniform pressure reduces swelling maintains blood circulation Porous-Permits air circulation washing regains elasticity-fit for re-use. No loose salvage threads (both sides fastened edges) with clips. Individually packed in plastic container.

Usage :

For orthopedic dressing for varicose veins, sprains, swellings.
General surgical, orthopedic, sport injuries and post operative conditions.
Very useful as a light compression bandage for muscular support.

Packaging Details :

Packed in Plastic Container.
Hard PVC container that prevent Crepe Bandage from damage.

Product Description No. of Swab Pack Per inner Quantity Per Shipper Shipper Size(cm) Weight Per Shipper(kg)
6 Cm X 4 Mtr. 10 200
8 Cm X 4 Mtr. 10 160
10 Cm X 4 Mtr. 10 120
15 Cm X 4 Mtr. 10 80

Size Availability :

6 Cm X 4 Mtr. ( Stretched Length )
8 Cm X 4 Mtr. ( Stretched Length )
10 Cm X 4 Mtr. ( Stretched Length )
15 Cm X 4 Mtr. ( Stretched Length )
Also available in any required size.

Storage & Handling Details :

Store in Cool and Dry Place.
Keep Away from Direct Sunlight.
Check Package before using in procedure.

Order, Transportation and Logistics Facilities :

Samples will provide on immediate basis.
Order will be process on Priority basis.
Heavy Master Cartons that no Chance of damage while transportation.
We have facilitate logistics all over India and International markets.

Special Notes If any :

Minimum Order quantity applicable
Any Specific size or Modification in packaging will also done on MOQ basis.

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Brand Name :